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Technical Support

As purveyors of sophisticated research equipment, we are well aware that there is a broad spectrum of users for the equipment we supply including some with little to no experience ranging to the life-long daily users who are exceptional experts in their fields. We aim to provide help and support to everyone regardless of their abilities and background. Whether you are an undergraduate research assistant with no experience or a Nobel Prize winner who invented your own field, we're here to help whether you need assistance in providing a range of options for submitting a grant, making specifications for a quote, setting up and using your equipment for the first time, troubleshooting any issues you may encounter, or even occasionally, returning and repairing or upgrading your equipment.

You can reach us most easily by any of the following means for prompt technical assistance:

Phone: (704) 680-6989

Email: techsupport@apsugen.com

For those submitting grants or putting together shopping lists, please don't hesitate to contact us for advice and assistance. If you're recreating a set up or sourcing equipment mentioned in a journal article or recommended by a colleague, please let us know about your specific use case (or possible future needs) especially as your colleague may have been underfunded, been making due with substandard or re-purposed equipment, or had a far larger budget and been using equipment with specifications far exceeding both their need or your needs. Our goal is to help you source the appropriate equipment in the right price range for both your research needs and your budget while providing the maximum flexibility for your potential future needs. By simple analogy you shouldn't use either a screwdriver or a million dollar golden hammer when an off-the-shelf and inexpensive hammer will allow you to best hammer the nail you need to work with - especially if the soft golden hammer will be severely damaged or destroyed while using it the first time. We're always happy to help explain your options and discuss the associated biology and physics behind them.

If you are a purchasing agent placing an order on behalf of a researcher and have any questions, please let us know. We can generally relay simple questions with options back to the lab or speak briefly with the ultimate end user(s) to clarify most technical order-related questions. We do our best not to ship orders which seem either partial, incomplete, which may be missing requisite accessories, or which have incompatible accessories without double-checking first to prevent you or the lab from purchasing items they may not be able to use, may need to return, or cause them to wait for receipt only to discover they need one or more (often simple and inexpensive) accessories which will unnecessarily or frustratingly delay their research.

Please keep in mind that if you are having any technical issues or problems with your order (especially on initial set up), please contact us for technical support prior to returning your equipment. Everyone, including us, has been guilty of not plugging in a piece of equipment or even turning it on and instead thinking something is wrong with a new item.